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The Unfinished Legacy “Growth” DIY Drop

The Unfinished Legacy “Growth” DIY Drop



It’s that six-letter word that sounds so simple, yet the steps to get there can be taxing and tiresome. While “growth” can come with stress and struggling, it also allows for learning and lessons.


Right now, we’re growing. We’re in a new, learning phase. It’s the first time we’re doing this around the clock. We’re not working full-time jobs; we’re trying to navigate as full-time artists. While product creation and shipping are kind of our bread and butter, the business side of things, like taxes, is something we are aware of and educating ourselves on.


As a small operation, our customers understand that things might not work as smoothly as other developed clothing brands right now. When people having that understanding and willingness to watch us grow, it gives us the motivation to get better every drop. We’re not shit without our fans. We’re always open to ideas on how we operate and who we collaborate with.


Unfinished Legacy is releasing some fan favorites from our past collections, along with a few new designs. We have been reaching out to other designers and manufacturing companies to test the waters, as we continue to grow.


Living in Milwaukee, there’s a standard to how we own and operate our business. When we do our pop-ups, we’re pulling people from all over the city and sharing good energy. No matter what area of Milwaukee you live in, if you rock Unfinished Legacy or are down with the brand, it’s easy to connect with people. Unfinished Legacy is a family of passionate creatives leaving their mark and using their talents to firmly stand behind what they truly believe in.





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